Closing Up Shop: A Guide to Deleting Your Shopify Account


Whether you're changing business models, taking a hiatus, or simply no longer need an online store, deleting your Shopify account can be a straightforward process. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the closure gracefully:

Before You Begin:

  • Export your data:

  •  Download your store data, including order history, customer information, and product details. This information might be valuable for future reference or other business endeavors.
  • Fulfill existing orders:

  •  Ensure you have fulfilled all outstanding orders and communicated with customers about the store closure.
  • Cancel subscriptions:

  •  Check for any active subscriptions within your Shopify account, such as themes, apps, or marketing tools, and cancel them to avoid future charges.
  • Back up your website content:

  •  If you have a custom domain name or website content you want to keep, ensure you have copies before proceeding with deletion.

Steps to Delete Your Shopify Account:

  1. Access your Admin Panel: 

    Log in to your Shopify admin panel at
  2. Navigate to Settings:

     Click on "Settings" in the bottom left corner of the dashboard.
  3. Go to the "Plan" Tab:

     Under "Settings," navigate to the "Plan" tab.
  4. Deactivate Your Store:

     Look for the option to "Deactivate Store" and click on it.
  5. Confirm Deactivation:

     You'll be asked to confirm the deactivation. Review the information carefully and click "Deactivate now" if you're certain about proceeding.

Additional Considerations:

  • Account closure timeframe:

     Your account and store will remain inactive for 90 days after deactivation. During this period, you can reactivate your store if needed.
  • Data deletion:

     After the 90-day grace period, Shopify will permanently delete your account and associated data. Ensure you've downloaded all necessary data beforehand.
  • Shopify Payments:

     If you used Shopify Payments for transactions, you'll need to contact their support team for account closure assistance.

Alternative to Account Deletion:

If you want to keep your store dormant but potentially reopen it in the future, instead of complete deletion, you can:

  • Pause your store: 

    This option stops recurring charges for your Shopify plan while keeping your store data intact. You can reactivate it later for a minimal fee.
  • Transfer your store:

     If you want to transfer your store to another owner, Shopify offers a store transfer feature for a specific fee.

 Closing your Shopify account is a permanent decision. Carefully evaluate your options and consider alternatives before proceeding. If you have any doubts or questions, consult with Shopify's support team for further guidance